Red Fiddle

This is my new fiddle. Don’t know what it is, or who made it. All I know is that when I saw it, I had to have it.  I did refit it with ebony pegs with the French Eye. Didn’t like the boxwood fittings it came with.

I love that one-piece back with its groovy flame. And that deep red color really caught my eye.

I also put a Thomastik tailpiece on it. Can’t beat a Thomastik.

This little fiddle plays very well. Good sound, but I think I’m going to have to play around with the strings. I hear a wolf every so often.

By the way, I have a couple of student fiddle outfits I need to sell. They’ve been seasoned with good play, and fitted similar to the fiddle above.


Fiddly Things

So I’ve been playing the fiddle for @#($ years…

And it’s something that I take great enjoyment from. I’m no spectacular talent… I don’t read music, I play totally by ear. I learn by listening and watching other people play. And what I do is what I call “serviceable.”

I am a serviceable fiddler. Ha!

On top of that… last year I picked up the Viola as well. And the Cello. And darned if I don’t love those instruments too. 

I’ve always been able to pick up/hear a song’s melody. For the past year, I’ve been listening for the harmonies. Boy, do I love finding those harmonies. Lower, higher, in and out, around, through! Musical harmonies get my blood pumping.

Not only do fiddles, cellos, violas make beautiful music – they’re pretty to look at! And I have been amassing quite the stringed collection. I read in another blog – The Fiddle Project –  that Fiddle Acquisition Syndrome is not uncommon. I fully admit to it. Own up to it. And, yes, I bought another fiddle yesterday. 

I will post pictures when it arrives.