Red Fiddle

This is my new fiddle. Don’t know what it is, or who made it. All I know is that when I saw it, I had to have it.  I did refit it with ebony pegs with the French Eye. Didn’t like the boxwood fittings it came with.

I love that one-piece back with its groovy flame. And that deep red color really caught my eye.

I also put a Thomastik tailpiece on it. Can’t beat a Thomastik.

This little fiddle plays very well. Good sound, but I think I’m going to have to play around with the strings. I hear a wolf every so often.

By the way, I have a couple of student fiddle outfits I need to sell. They’ve been seasoned with good play, and fitted similar to the fiddle above.


2 responses to “Red Fiddle

  1. I bought a new violin which had a bit of a ‘wolf’ and ‘buzz’. However the more I’ve played it the better it has played. My instument has a slightly browner varnish to yours. What is its sound like?

    • I’ve no doubt the wolf will calm with time. Every instrument improves with play.

      I’ve not had the chance to play this fiddle much this week – I spent about every day on the cello. But it does have a good sound. I’ll get more into detail when I’ve had the chance to play it. Thanks!

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